Hanna's Big Cat Art Helps Animals!

The new sign at Spirit of the Hills Wildlife Sanctuary!!!  This is my drawing of a Green Tiger Eye!  

This drawing is also one of the cards I have for sale. 

This is me, Hanna, (right) with Mike the Sanctuary director, and two of my friends, Kyra (left) and Lizzie (center), at the Sanctuary gate. We are donating money to the Sanctuary.

About Me

  Hi, my name is Hanna and I love animals, especially big cats. I just turned 12, in 2012 and I am raising money to help care for all the rescued animals at Spirit of the Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, in Spearfish, SD. The Sanctuary is a place where all different kinds of animals, who needed help, have a forever home.  For more info on the Sanctuary, visit them on the web at: www.spiritofthehillssanctuary.org  
  I first visited the Sanctuary in 2010, when I was 10 years old.  On that day, I learned that all these animals were rescued, and that they all needed a home to survive.  I wanted to help.  So, I started talking with my Mom about how I could raise money.  

  The main way I raise money is by selling cards with my animal drawings on them and donating the money to the Sanctuary. I sometimes sell original drawings too. See the 'Hanna's Cards for Sale' page. I also volunteer at the Sanctuary doing whatever I can.  

My Goals 

1-Raise Money for the Sanctuary and let people know about the Sanctuary

2-Raise Awareness of vanishing Big Cats in the wild.  (BTW-the tiger is the most rapidly disappearing big cat in the world.)

3-Raise Awareness of why exotic animals don't make good pets.  

My first donation to the Wildlife Sanctuary on January 15, 2011. This is Mike. Mickey the camel is trying to eat my hair. I donated $220 and also gave Mike a picture I drew of Hercules, the Barbary Coast Lion.   

This is me painting the barn. I like to help out however I can. 
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